This will be the 15th annual Lakota West Volley for the Cure event. The event is on Tuesday 9/14 and is attached to a

GMC Volleyball match up of Lakota West and Hamilton high school. In the past, it has been a gala event.

Last year was a bit calmer but hoping to get back to entertaining the usual masses. 


You can start to get involved by getting your own Volley for the Cure T-shirt and even sponsor one of the Honored Survivors!!  Ordering is now open and for a limited time – until August 20th.


T shirts are $6 and will need to be pre-ordered and paid through the link below.

Shirts will be scheduled for pick up on Sept 9th at the front office.

**If you are a West teacher or admin, please note when ordering and the t-shirt will be delivered directly to your school mailbox.